Mommy and Me

You have no idea how excited I was when Matt came home from work last week and said he would help me get some Mommy and Me shots!  I was stoked!  So super excited that I forgot to reset the setting on my camera.  Ugh!  I am still kicking myself for it! However, I am totally in love with all these photos.  

An ISO setting on 1600 on a sunny evening is not a good idea, just so you know.  

I just love these little stinkers!

Oh yeah, there are about 100 of these type of photos too.   They make me laugh.  You got to love being a Mommy and all the glory that comes along with it!

Sweet moments like this one are so precious!  I am totally in love with this photo.  Totally in love!

My little Felicity with her ever decorated neck.  The girl LOVES jewlery almost as much as she loves blueberries and ice cream.  

She's my early waker, I cherish our quiet mornings together.

Wes, my emotional, energy charged, all day snacker.  Book time at night is one of my favorite times with him.  He just curls up like a cat on my lap and I read till my voice is horse or till starts turning the pages every 2 seconds (he gets less patient and moves faster as he gets more tired).  He is my treasure!

If you just love you some Mommy and Me photos go to Julie's blog and get your fix.  That's what I do even when I can't seem to take my own Mommy and Me photos.  :)

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Heather said...

Beautiful post!
I LOVE that outtake pic! Your face is too funny and Felicity is cute with her hand over her face. :)
That is so sweet that Matt wanted to help you get these pictures! Even though the ISO setting was too high, they look nice- kind of dreamy, you know what I mean?

Victoria said...

These are great, who cares about ISO when its a picture of your with your kids!! They are beautiful. It's great Matt took these!! I love Felicity's dress and her necklace! What a doll


Wonderful photos! These are the best kind.

Angie said...

Gorgeous! I love the sun in the pictures...

kbreints said...

Oh these are GREAT!!

Holly said...

It's fun to get some mommy & me shots!

Julie said...

Lindsay!!! These are gorgeous...the ISO at 1600 worked for ya here!! I love the "mommy choke hold" picture. And the one where Wes is peeping up behind you two. These are REAL TREASURES!! The kind money can't buy!!

Your appreciation and love of being a mom exudes from your being!

I so appreciate you joining in.

liz said...

the pics are beautiful! the area where you live is gorgeous!

Heidi said...

These are very sweeeet! sometimes what you think will be a total disaster with a wrong setting, isnt so in the end! Beautiful you :) beautiful kiddos :) :)

Heidi & Jack
{life with jack}

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