For the Birds

Quite literally this weekend has been for the birds!  It's been hot, rainy, humid and full of birds.  :)

We learned our chickens can spy and snatch cheese doodles faster than Wes.

That our ducks can fly.  After two high but brief flights their wings were clipped and they fly no more.

Rachel our lovely rooster can be carried around like a large doll.

He looks like he is not very happy but by the way he was hanging around us and sitting on the picnic table with us, I think he really loves the attention.

We named our babies.  This is Hattie.




 And William

This is another shot of William.  These little guys are not as friendly as our first batch of chicks but they aren't mean either.  It is so neat to see how fast they grow and how they change as they grow.     What did you do this weekend?


alicia said...

Beautiful pics as usual. My kids would be in heaven there!

Victoria said...

so cute! I love that Wes carries that rooster around - haha!

I actually had the lady a the nail place paint them while I was getting a pedi one day. She was so interested in what she was doing - that she hardly moved!

Brianne said...

Aw beautiful baby chickens! ^_^ Gorgeous pics! (As always.^_^)

I have given you an award on my blog! Come check it out!

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