Father's Day

A week and a day after the fact, I am finally got to editing the photos that I took over  Father's Day weekend.  I know, I know, I'm bad, but I have a full house and we have been doing too much to just plop myself down and sit in front of the computer for long periods of time.  Today however, it's just me, my kids, and my brother Zach and they are all still sleeping so I'm finally getting around to Matt's Father's day post. 

Matt is easy to please.  If it 's has a motor, is old, shiny, and red, he will love it.  Father's Day weekend just happens to be the weekend that we have two local tractor shows.

We spent Saturday at a larger show, where they had lawn mower pulls,

and tractor pulls.  Wes and Matt were really enjoying themselves. 

Felicity and I were melting in the heat and humidity.   

There was a small play area for kids and Wes absolutely loved this plane.  He asked Matt to make him one.

Sunday was a little cooler so Felicity was not beet red and grumpy,  she enjoyed herself and got to ride on the tractor with her Daddy.

This particular show is for antique tractors and engines and a yearly  tradition for our family.  If you look closely you can see that Wes is sitting on a side seat that Matt made for me when we were dating.  I sat on that seat for two years and went through the parade, at the show with Matt.  Now Wesley sits on it and rides in the parade with his Daddy.

It was Felicity's first time riding in the parade.  Matt is so proud to have his children ride with him!  He even had their names announced along with his when he drove past the announcer's booth.

After the parade it was time to let the kids have a little tractor driving fun themselves.  Wes and Felicity played on petal tractors while Matt and I chatted with friends.

Felicity is not big enough to move the tractor on her own but enjoyed playing on it.

After all the fun, we were starving, so it was off the  food building for us.  We ate a healthy meal of hot dogs, soda and Popsicles.  Felicity very much enjoyed her Popsicle, while Wes just kept hiding under the table and ended up drinking his.

We ran into Matt's parents and Wesley showed Grandma around, because he knew where all the neat stuff was.  :)

In all it was a great weekend.  Matt did what he wanted most, spent time with his family while checking out tractors.  Wesley is following right in his Daddy's footsteps and wanted to stay at the shows to see more even after Matthew was done.  It was sweet to see them enjoying themselves.

Wes and Matt drove home on the tractor together, it's about a 20 minute tractor ride.  Matt even let Wes steer for awhile.

We ended our weekend with a bbq and a movie after the kids were tucked in bed.  I am so proud of the Daddy that Matt has become.  Being a Daddy did not come easy to him, it was down right difficult at first, but he has grown so much with our children and just loves them to pieces!  He really makes many wonderful memories with them and is showing Wes how to be a great husband and loving father.  Little Felicity just adores her Daddy and Wesley wants to be him, so I say he is a pretty awesome Daddy!

Matthew, you are so loved!


Heather said...

GREAT post!! :-)

Julie said...

Ah...tractor fun!! The perfect way to spend Father's day!!

Susan said...

These are great pictures Lindsay! Glad that you all had such a great father's day weekend! :) Where was the show you went to on that Saturday? Dan would have loved that!

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