A Berry Good Day

Summer is filled with so much fun, color, tastes, smells, and activity.  I just love all the outdoor activities that we have been able to do lately! 

When I suggested that we go pick strawberries to my brother and sister, they too got super excited.  We love to eat as much as we love to be outside.

Wesley was wearing a light bright yellow shirt that I did not want to be stained so Jill took it off of him.  I don't typically let him leave our yard half naked.

Felicity, who is suffering from severe Mommyitis (being more than 2 feet away from me) was miraculously cured soon after her first bite of strawberries.

The little stinker ate handfuls of strawberries as she meandered through out the berry patch.  I am sure she stepped on as many berries as she ate!  There was not even a hint of anxiety about being 100 feet away from me.  Now when I am home and trying to make dinner...that's a whole other story.

There were very few people picking, probably because it was very close to closing time so we nearly had the whole place to our selves.  It was wonderful!

The kids were free to wondering and munch and pick up flags that they were not supposed to touch.  I felt bad that they grabbed them, they were markers to tell the workers where we stopped picking the berries.  I hope we did not cause too much trouble for them.

My shirtless sweetie, picked his share of strawberries too.   I found quite a few nibbled berries later when I was cleaning them.  I guess he was testing them for us.

It only took us about 25 minutes to pick 6 quarts.

We ate two before the night was over!

We all love strawberries!

Zach was very picky about the berries he picked, he only filled one quart because he would only pick the biggest, most perfect berries!

I could not help but stop and take a photo of the potty house they had set up in the middle of the fields.  I doubt anyone ever uses it, but it looked neat sitting there.

Once home, it was time to make strawberry short cakes!

Grandma and Grandpa Hayes came  up to enjoy some with us.

Even Rachel had a taste!

Felicity ate and ate and ate and ate. I am surprised she did not turn into a strawberry short cake!

Wes wanted to eat straight out of the bowls and did not like being told no.  He pulled out his most pathetic face but still was not able to convince me or Daddy that it was ok.

Snuggling close to Daddy and watching the fire erased all his grumpiness.

It was a berry good day!

{I might add that Felicity's Mommyitis came back as soon as we left the berry fields.}


Heather said...

Love the post! I, too got a shot of the cliff! :-) I'm going to work on my berry post tonight. Of, course you already thought of the best title. ;-)

Pixel Perfect said...

Great post and beautiful pictures! I wish we had a strawberry patch close to us. I love your new button by the way!!

Holly said...

I so wanna go berry picking!

Victoria said...

This looks like so much fun - you guys do great things - we don't have berry patches near us! These pictures are beautiful, what wonderful memories!

This is too funny - I have a post save as draft about Logan being "sick.." guess with what? Yep - mommyitis. She whines and climbs on my legs ALL day!! And if I get out of her sight - o, it's bad!!
I can totally relate! Must be the age?!?!

Christina said...

I am loving these pictures! It looks like you guys did have a great time! We took Gracie to pick strawberries a couple of months ago and she loved it! Everything she picked went straight to her mouth! Ha! :)

carlotta said...

beautiful post! your photos are gorgeous. and i had laugh at wes's face when he wanted to eat out of the bowl...too funny!

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