She's got skills

 I've She's got  chills skills,  they're multiplying, and I'm loosing control....

This week has been full of learning for my little girl.  She now says "aagooo"  I know that sounds a like baby gibberish but it is her attempt at "thank you".  She says it whenever she gives us something or we to her.  It's sweet.  She also signs for "more" and "all done".  She can also say "aaa duh"  which is "all done".   Whenever she says something it sounds more like she is singing it to us.    She is also  now pointing at things and whispering, "wsss dad".   I do not know why she whispers it, but she does.   It's super cute!

Not all her new learned skills are so cute.

Ok, I lied.  This is still pretty cute but not something that I am going to encourage.

This is what happened when I went into the bathroom to clean Wesley up from his snack of yogurt.

I did not realize that she was able to pull out and climb up a chair and get onto the table.  

Nor did I realize that she could fit that entire spoon in her mouth! 

She is climbing on everything now!  On the couch, onto chairs, up the high chair,  up the stairs, onto toys,  up the slide, onto the four wheelers, on Wesley's desk, she is even using the handles on the kitchen cupboard drawers like a ladder!  She is a monkey!

Thankfully she is still NOT climbing out of her crib yet!  I am so very thankful for that.  Wes was climbing out at her age so I will cherish every day until she masters that skill.  

Oh she can also officially grab things off the kitchen counter too!   When did she get to be so big? 


Angie said...

She is so adorable!! I can't wait for our little guy to start saying little cute things like that - precious!!

Tiffany said...

Ok that is precious! I love those ornery/cute things they learn. And yougurt is such a fabulous moisturizer.

kbreints said...

Oh dear-- now you are in trouble! but she sure is cute!

The Mommy said...

Aw, she looks absolutely adorable.
Looks like it's time for the baby gates and more baby proofing at your home!

Heather said...

So cute!!!

Julie said...

It happens so fast. L-boy is now getting the stool and bringing it to wherever he wants to reach!!

Yes..cherish the day that she is still in the crib!! Ha ha

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