My mom has a box or two of clothes that my siblings and I wore when we were babies.  I couldn't have been happier to find that Felicity fit into some of it. 

I think she looks adorable in my 25 year old outfit.  

I could not help but use the *retro* preset from Preset Heaven that I used here on most of these photos as well.  I am totally loving the retro look and it really seems to fit because, well  this particular preset is supposed to resemble the way photos would look in the 80's and that is when I would have worn this very outfit.

The elastic in the under pants has long ago lost it's stretchiness (is that a word?)  so sadly she is sporting a saggy bottom.  I think it looks pretty stinkin' cute of her saggy or not!

I can't believe that the flowers are already blooming here, when we still have a thick covering of snow back at home.

My mom says that Felicity looks an awful lot like me.  I think I am going to dig out the photo albums tonight and see for myself.  I can't imagine that I was this cute!

She is one loved baby girl and so patient with all of my photo sessions.

I am feeling a little guilty for not taking or posting photos of my favorite little boy.  Wes has been moving around so fast playing with his Aunt and Uncles that I can't seem to catch him.  I promise to try harder and get some of him up soon.


Heather said...

OOOHHHH! I LOVE these photos! I love the framing, the texture, the retro editing!! And, of course, the cute little girl! :-)

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness!!! Number three is my favorite! Love that action! Great job - and Felicity is too adorable!

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