Tutu Cute

Seriously can you get any cuter than a chubby baby girl in a tutu?

I really don't think so!

Possibly my favorite foot photo...

But I can't decide, I love this one too!

And her hat, I LOVE her hat!

Felicity is 11 months old today!  One more month and she will be one!  How did that happen?  Oh how I love her!

She was so so so very happy to be able to look out the window.

I was loving the muted colors, but for those of you who just the bright colors...don't you worry there will be more photos later.  I promise.

Well we are off to PA.  Yep, we are visiting my mom today.  Matt was told yesterday that they do not have enough work for him so they won't need him for a week or more.  So we are off.  I miss my mom!   We will miss Kirstie, she has to work and can't come.  See you soon Kirstie! 


Hannah said...

SO cute! I love 5, 6, 7, and 8! ^_^

Heather said...

I love the muted colors. :)
I love the second food photo!

Julie said...

Holy cow...these pictures are gorgeous. Will you spill?? Was that an antique action...or what. Give me a tutorial...pretty please. Love the feet ones too. I think they are my favorite!

Victoria said...

I like the 2nd foot one! It's my favorite - I have a thing for feet :-)And the hat - did you make it? It's adorable!

Sailor and Co said...

Gotta love a tutu :)

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