Mini Me

She is my mini me, or so I have been told.  I never did get out the albums to check and see how much we resemble each other.

She crawls
 like a pro.

I wore this outfit and the outfit shown here when I was 9 months.  She is 11 months and smaller than I was.  I like that.

The kids refer to my mom as Yaya and she couldn't be happier that Felicity can clearly and very loudly say her name.   

She can stand, bend over pick up a toy and stand back up again very easily but still likes you to clap your hands for her when she stands unassisted. I think it is adorable.


Heather said...

That is such a cute outfit! I thought you were going to post some pics of you at her age. :)

lovingmylife said...

We don't have a scanner here. I did find a photo of me in both outfits that I put her in. Maybe I can take some photos home and scan them later.

Christina said...

She's a beauty! Love the outfit!

Victoria said...

She is such a doll. She looks so serious in the pics!

Julie said...

Very Sweet!

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