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Raw(e) Distractions  over at Sailor and Co.  

I have given this one a lot of thought.  I have so many distractions.  So many things that keep me from the here and now.  From being on top of things. From being closer with God, my husband and my children. 

When it comes down to it.  I am a dreamer.   I dream of what it will be like to own a home, a better camera, a car that we fit in better, a dog.  I dream of a happier world.  Of things for my family.  Ways to make more money for my family. The perfect church. Things to do, things to make, things to clean, places to go.  I dream.  I live in my own world, in outer space.  

I dream instead of doing.  I think of what I can do, ways I can help, start projects, invision  how they will turn out, dream of how great things will be....and do nothing.

I sometimes need to just come back down and realize that dreaming is ok but I still need to be here and do things here...now.  I get in my own way.   So when we were traveling down to PA to see my mom at around 65 miles per hour and I saw these mountains, I told Matt to stop I needed to take a photo and he did and  I knew that is where I go.  That is where my head is, up there by the tiny moon. 

It's time to come down to Earth and get to work!


Sailor and Co said...


Heather said...

Gorgeous photo!! The colors are SOOO rich!
I know what you mean about dreaming, I do it too. And your right, it does get in the way of living my life the best way I can.

Victoria said...

Photo is amazing..I seem to have opposite problem...you have inspired my Raw(e)! I tend to live (too much) in reality!

Krystal said...

WOW what an amazing picture! Absolutely perfect! And I too am a dreamer...a planner! It's good to be a dreamer! Fun!

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