To brighten your day

As promised here are some more photos of Felicity in here tutu.

Some of them seem to be a little noisy to me, but that is probably because they were taken in my bedroom and there is only one window in that room.

I just love her eyes!

I was amazed how easy it was to make this tutu!  I think I could become addicted.  :-)

I had my f-stop too small in an attempt to let in more light so her whole face is not in focus.  I kind of like it, but it would be nice to see her whole face better.

Here she is again standing on my sewing cabinet in front of my bedroom window.  It's usually not in front of the window.

She is becoming very attached to her binki.  We are limiting it to  bed time, car trips and attempts to prolong photo sessions.

I just love love love love her so much!

She is so sweet and squishy I could just love and snuggle her all day!


Sailor and Co said...

I like the focused flower, out of focus face. Gorgeous.

Heather said...

Ok, you know I'm not the bright color girl but I do love these photos!! :)

Victoria said...

I like the oof face...suits my bright, overexposed photog taste!! Love the pics, not to mention she is toooo cute!! Was the tutu hard?!!?

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