Mommy and Me

Finally, I am joining in the fun!  I have wanted to but I'm going to be really honest here...I hate photos of myself.  I am super critical of them and I just plain try to stay behind the camera.  Therefore photos of me with my kids are few, very few.

My little brother however takes my camera from me and loves to take photos of me with Felicity.  Wesley is usually attached to my sister Jill (remember the porch stairs?  That was her handiwork) or running a hundred miles an hour.  Felicity is still quite literally attached to my hip so she is an easy target.   Heather said she would take some photos of me and my kidos so when I get back home, from Britt's wedding, I am going to take her up on that!   I really do want  photos of me and my babies.  Hey maybe she can photoshop a couple pounds off.  I jest, or not, do you think she could?!  

Ok ok enough about me and my fear that someone might actually notice my chubbiness in a photo. 

See, it's not that bad, I am hiding half my body mass in a rotting old tree, but its not too bad.   *giggles*  I am working on it people, bare with me.  I getting better.  Really I am.
I am going to work really hard on getting over my "fear" and get some more photos with my two favorite munchkins.   Promise! 

If you are a fan of mommy and me photos and have some hidden deep in your hard drive.  Dig it out and link up Julie's Mommy and Me post's.  It's lots of fun even if you just look at everyone else's photos.


Jenilee said...

Good for you for joining in and getting out from behind the camera! :) You look great and the tree is a great prop. :)

Julie said...

Aww..you look wonderful. Thanks so much for joining in. I had a hard time this week too. I absolutely would not have gotten any pictures had I not had this crazy meme! Me in pictures is definitely not my cup of tea!

Heather said...

That photo is ABSOLUTELY beautiful of you two! I also LOVE the editing!
You know I have a thing for "desaturated" or "yellowed" looks. :)
Looking forward to getting pics of you and your babies.
Remember- you are beautiful! :-)

Tanya said...

What a great photo of two beautiful ladies!

Rebekah said...

nice photo..I have a mug in the design of your blog layout to. makes me think of cofee.... :0)

Christina said...

I love this picture! Two beautiful girls! :)

Lisa said...

This picture is beautiful! Your kids will be so happy to have pictures of you when they grow up!

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