I have a very talented baby girl.  Well actually my sister Jill did most of the work.

She spent a good part of Saturday afternoon chalking it up with the kids outside.

And no her hair is not really that color.


Thea (my mom)

Zach and Nick



Jill and Dan

Our names forever memorialized on the back steps.  Forever meaning until it rains tonight.  It is beautiful.

I love spending time with my family!


Amber said...

Oh my word! Awesome! My son is looking at pictures with me and we happened by our blog. He's 2, going on 3 soon, and says, "Look at the AWESOME stairs." I would have to agree. And you have great photography skills! How fun is your blog! I think I might take your daughter's (sister's) idea and do that to our front stairs...soooo exciting! (after the snow melts)

Heather said...

I love it! We played with chalk a little yesterday but we only have three colors...and one of them was white. We need more vibrant colors. :)

Kirstimack said...

I'm sad now that nobody even thought to put my name on the stairs :(

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