Gone to the Dogs

I am by no means a pet photographer or a professional photographer and after reading Monica's latest blog on starting a professional photography business, I realize how far I have to go.  I can dream though and maybe one day I will be.  A professional not a pet photographer, that is.

My good friend Julie, who actually used to babysit me, has very furry children and she loves them very much.  That is why we made the trip back to my hometown to see her this weekend.  Matt and I like to sneak away every once and a while and when Julie asked me to photograph her dogs, we jumped at the chance to get away.

Viper and Victory totally made me rethink what I thought about so called "dangerous" dogs.  They are so kind and Victory (on the right) just loves Wesley!

Wes has not stopped asking for a puppy since we left.  Poor little guy really wants a dog.  BAD!  When our kitty Molly died, I told him we could get a new one some time.  His response, "Or maybe a DOG!"  He is too stinkin' cute!

Back to Julie and her "kids".  I am not going to pretend to know anything about breeding dogs but I think she is doing a great job.

We went to one of my favorite spots, a 3 miles wooded walk near an inlet of the ocean.  I have many memories from there when I was a child.  So many memories... Ok, sorry, I lost myself there for a minute.


Viper is 8 and may be sick so Julie really wanted some photos to remember him by in case something happens to him.  I remember him when he was just a grumbling little puppy.  He has always been my favorite of all her "kids".   Matt and Viper buds, it's kind of cute really.

It was great seeing Julie again.  Hopefully next time it will be warmer and we can actually be outside without fear of frostbite.  

More on our trip later.  I have been so tired lately, well tired and kind of grumpy.  Not good I know and I working on correcting it.  Starting with going to bed. :)

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Heather said...

I LOVE the last photo!!!!!

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