Wednesdays with Wesley

Oh my dear Wesley...


You are giving your Mommy and Daddy a run for our money this week. 
Every couple months you go through really nasty week or so.  
This has been a bad week. 

You have not only driven tractors, but you haven driven your mommy nearly to tears and your Daddy's patience are getting very thin.  You are pushing buttons I did not even know I had and exerting more energy than I ever though possible.

You are going from happy and laughing one minute to tears and temper tantrums the next.  You are such a strong willed little boy and I love you for that.  Your will and strength are what make you the little boy I love so very much!  Mommy and Daddy are working hard to train you in the way you should go while not breaking that will that gives you so much character.

So while this week has not been our best and you are testing your Mommy and Daddy to our very last limits, we love you to the moon and back a bazillion times.  These nasty attitude days will pass, you will eventually stop fighting and pick up your toys, you will stop stealing toys from your sister, eat your food with your silverware the correct way, stop saying words in an ugly tone, stop demanding and simply ask for things that you want and learn to put your underwear on so that the tag is in the back. 

We have seen glimpses of our normally sweet little boy, like when you blew raspberries on your sister's tummy, read her a book, snuggled your Mommy and said, "you are da best Mommy I'd ever seeeeeen!",  played happily with Julie's dogs and when you sing your abc's at the top of your very large lungs blurring the LMNOP into one new very long and funny  letter.  I love you little man.  You are my sweet Wesley and even when we have our "testing" times, you are a precious jewel and Mommy and Daddy love you so very very much!

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Heather said...

I hope and pray the rest of the week is easier for you!
I like the editing. ;-)

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