Pink Panther and Cheesecake

 I have found that it is hard to take a shower alone since having Felicity.  I thought that I came up with an ingenius idea when I would put her in her chair with toys and put a movie in for Wes.  It has worked for a couple weeks.  Without fail.  Well today itq failed...


While in the shower I heard Felicity start to whine, which did not concern me much.  I stuck my head out of the shower and could see the back of her head sitting in her chair.  I called to Wes and asked him to get his sister another toy.  I promptly heard Wes go into the school cupboard and the whining stopped.

I was satisfied that she was happy and I continued with my shower.  Completely oblivious to the mess that was awaiting me!


As soon as I was out of the shower I peeked out into the living room to see how the kids were doing.   Wes was completely engrossed in the Pink Panther while his little sister was shoveling handfuls of leftover burnt chocolate cheesecake into her already full mouth!


Yes, baby girl, you were caught!


When I asked Wes why he gave his sister the cheese cake he said, without taking his eyes off the tv.  "Her was crying and wanted someting to make her very happy."


Well she was very happy!


Next time I have to shower, I am going to have to stress the fact that Wes is NOT allowed to feed his sister!

Oh yeah, Wes created a monster!  You should have heard the screams when I took away her cheesecake.  The girl loves her chocolate cheesecake!


Heather said...

Haha! Too funny! I put Brad in his crib when I take a shower. :)
About her screaming...I can relate. Yesterday I gave Brad a couple bites of chocolate cake and Daddy said no more. Then, Brad started screaming and pointing at my cake because he wanted more. Poor little guy. Haha. It was all mommy's fault. :)

Sailor and Co said...

that is HILARIOUS!!! Sometimes I put Sailor in her chair right in the bathroom....and play peek a boo with her through the curtain..
LOL...that was TOO FUNNY!

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