Today is the day that we usually pack up and head out with Kirstie to work.  We play and shop while she works, today, however we are not going anywhere.  Felicity came down with her first real cold last night.  She is just so pathetic, it breaks my heart.   She is feverish, snuffing, snotting, coughing, snuggling and crying.  

Nowhere near as happy as she was last week when we were playing in the mall play area.  She loved chasing Wes through the tunnels.

She really got into playing for the first time last week.  It was so neat to see her having as much fun as Wes.  She is growing up so fast!

I'm praying this cold does not last long so she will be able to crawl around and play again soon.  She is sleeping right now with her binky and animals.  I hope she gets in some good healing rest because she was up most of the night. 

Oh man!  She is just so sweet!  I hope she gets back to her happy, smiling, laughing self very quickly!


Amy said...

Such a cutie.. hope she's feeling better soon. You know I was wondering why your "updates" weren't showing up in my dashboard.. silly me... I never clicked the follow button. Just did, so it's all good now. Oh.. and I can't stand the smell of the paperwhites. Thank goodness you have to get close to get a whiff.

lovingmylife said...

Amy...I have done the same thing, don't feel too silly. :) Thanks for following and all your neat crafty ideas!

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

So cute! LIttle cute hat!

Victoria said...

Poor baby - were just getting over it here. Run a humidfier in her room,(if you don't already)it really helps. I love the pictures where she's showing her teeth!

Julie said...

Oh, I love that last picture. I am trying to get one of L-boy with his 3 teeth and it is so hard. SHe is so sweet. I hope she feels better soon!

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