What an honor!

Matt and Wes have been hard at work building the floor for Matt's shed. 

There are those hands that I love again.

Like Father...

 Like Son.

They worked hard side by side in the freezing cold.  Poor Wes can't get a good handle on the hammer with Mommy's socks on his hands.

I for one think it is great how much Wesley wants to be just like his Daddy.  He wants to work like his Daddy, drive tractors like his Daddy, fix things like his Daddy, talk like his Daddy, grow big "muscals" like his Daddy and even pee like his Daddy.  He watches every move that his Daddy makes. 
Every move!

What an awesome honor!  What an awesome responsibility!  Little Wes picks up the bad just as quickly as the good.  Not only the bad that Matt does but the bad everyone does!  As parents we are constantly watching what we say and do.  Training our tongues, actions, and attitudes to bring honor to God and to train up our children in the way they should go.

What an awesome privilege!  To be given the blessing of children and then the knowing that God gave them to us to raise and bring Him honor and glory!

Parenting is one of the greatest and hardest, most fulfilling and most frustrating, blessed job we will ever undertake.  We are so very thankful for our children and continually try, with God's help to be better parents and children ourselves.


Sailor and Co said...


Jeanette said...

GReat photos! I agree. I think sometimes it is a scary responsibility, knowing that they are watching your every move and imitating your actions and your words.

Heather said...

Sweet pictures! That is so cute how Wes wants to be just like Daddy. I am looking forward to that with Brad and David in a year or two when Brad older. :)
And you're right, it is an awesome honor!

sunshinesoaps said...

Great pictures Lindsay! I like the theme alot too!

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