Ford the love

Ahh, my Matthew, he loves himself some old, rusty, broke down Fords.  If I have not mentioned this before, I will now.  Matt loves his Fords as much as he loves his Farmall tractors

Yep, that's an 1983 Ford.  It's older than me!

He loves her.  He fixes her.  He keeps her in mint condition barely drivable condition.

They go way back....way, way back!  And if you were wondering that is a hole in the driver's side floor.  Don't worry, there's a matching one on the passenger's side and under the clutch peddle.  He says it adds character.

But he loves her.  Brings her back to life every winter.  She sits near death all summer long, while he drives his much nicer truck, and right about the time the first snow falls she ROARS and I mean ROARS back to life.  This is one old girl that won't go down without a fight.

I have some of my earliest memories of Matthew in this very truck.  We actually went on our first "date", snowplowing in her.  I can still remember the clanking jingle of the chains on the bald tires as we drove to a
local farm to plow the drive way.   *smiles*  Good times, good times!

She may be old, holey, loud, rusty, and stinky but she is Matt's winter ride and he loves her.  I on the other hand and am scared to even sit in her for fear that I will fall through the floor!  I do however think that Matt's hardworking, callused, greasy, wedding band wearing  hand is very ahem...nice. ;-)


Sailor and Co said...

love these :)

Heather said...

Great pics, Lindsay. I love it in black and white! :-)

Pixel Perfect said...

Love these!!

Kirstimack said...

I love his grimy hand lou,its so cool

Kirstimack said...

Haha, i see the foot now,

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