Before and After

Pixel Perfect is having a blog hop today.  Head over and see how everyone else's before and after photos are!  I have seen a few and they are great!

Here is my before

and after

I think it is kind of artsy.  What do you all think?


Tiffany said...

Very nice - fun, bright colors!

Heather said...

I like this one a lot! It looks great brightened up. And the purple is cool, too. :)

Sailor and Co said...

perty :)

Julie said...

Great composition...it's interesting!! I love how the purple scarf pops in the second picture!

Pixel Perfect said...

I love the composition too! The colors in this photograph are beautiful and you make them pop!! Love it! Thanks for joining in on the fun.


Maura said...

Wow what a difference!! I love love love this edit!!

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