The Voice

What do you suppose Matt does to entertain the kids while I try to make dinner?  Does he read to them while snuggled up under homemade quilts, build tents out of blankets and couch cushions, make play dough castles, or maybe build a train track with Wes while Felicity sucks on a loose train? 


He brakes out his ancient old video games!

Felicity is going through some sever Mommy anxiety and this seems to be one of the very few ways Matt can spend time with her without her red face screaming and snot running down her pathetic little face.

Wes doesn't have a clue and usually knocks down his own tower but he loves the sounds affects.


This is a wonderfully old game set and like most of my pack rat husband's toys, still works.   He thinks it is older than me!  However old it is I am thankful for a couple minutes of quiet to make dinner and special time for Matt and the kids.   Maybe one day he will give over the other control and let them play together. :)


Heather said...

HA! Is that Intellivision or Atari?? David has Intellivision and it is just as ancient as that probably!

lovingmylife said...

Im not sure... it says "the voice" and "odyssey"

Jenilee said...

how funny... my husband will break out the video games with my girls too. i don't think we have anything too old, although we have some huge hand held games from the early 90's that are fun. pac man and tetris!~

Christina said...

Haha! I love the first picture! A few weekends ago we went to Sean's grandparents' home and they have an old Nintendo (but not as old as that!) that we played, Gracie loved watching it!

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