Not Me Monday

This is a blogger carnival started by Mckmama.  So if you are feeling guilty about wiping your kids nose with a randomly placed dirty shirt, getting angry because you don't have any cream cheese, eating way too many chocolates, or just being lazy and not doing dishes yet again, you are in the right spot!
Christmas was over two weeks ago right?  It was wonderful and I took great pictures of both kids together under the Christmas tree.  I mean I am a great mom and great mom's make sure they get great pictures of their kids together!  That being said the pictures that follow were definitely NOT taken yesterday.  Nope I am Super mom and always and I mean always do things when I should and do them well.  I would never dress my children in Christmas garb 2 weeks late in an attempt (notice I said attempt) to get the classic Christmas morning, under the tree photo; I mean come on....I took my tree down right after New Years!

 Seriously I put Felicity's Santa dress away as soon as it was washed the week the day after Christmas!  It would not have been sitting on her dresser weeks after Christmas just waiting for me to put it back on her and to try to get some Christmas photos!

This photo was absolutely without a doubt NOT taken yesterday!

I would not have procrastinated soooo much and soooo long to take Christmas photos that our tree was dropping needles at a rate of 10 per second!  Who does that? Not me!

 I would not try to hard to get such late photos my wriggling, squirming, yelling, bouncing, and all together uncooperative very photogenic and always cooperative children, that Wes would lay down and pretend to be asleep so I would stop!  I mean I have raw talent and can take a photo of the most unhappy child in the most uncomfortable situations and it will looks splendid.  Or not!

Yep, definately did not do that!  Nope. I did not them resort to candy cane bridery.  Nope I don't let my son and certainly not our 8 month old daughter have sugar of any kind.
No sugar at all.

What kind of mom does that?  Must be the same kind that gives 3 year olds chocolate kisses for peeing in the potty, or the kind that forgets to brush said 3 year olds hair before Christmas photoshoots.

I for one and the kind of mom that would know that giving sugar to already uncooperative children would only make them more well uncooperative, not to mention a sticky, icky, gooey, fuzzies stinking to their face and hands mess!  I am so glad I am not that kind of mom!

Pheww!  Boy and I glad that I took all my Christmas pictures on Christmas day and did not give either of my sugar free babies candy canes.  What a mess that would have made!  Not to mention that since my 8 month old has never really had sugar I would not know what effect it would have on her.   She might turn from a usually calm snugly baby into an evil eye giving, crawling like a maniac, drooling like it's going out of style, shrieking on the top of her lungs, non-napping crazy baby and that would not be good or something a super mom would do!

(you do see that crazy mischeivious look in her eyes don't you?) 


Jeanette said...

yikes! i felt like I was reading about my own life. I mean, because I am always timely with holiday happenings too. And the sugar thing - I am also totally against it. I definitely do not give my potty trainer gummy bears for using the potty! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

You got some SUPER cute pictures of your kiddos...even if you didn't take them on Christmas day! My boys have that same manger set and they LOVE it! Have a great day:)

Suzi said...

Love it. Cute kiddos! Hehe

The Thompsons said...

Just came across your blog from Mckmama's ...your kiddos are TOO CUTE! Have a blessed week :)

The Thompsons said...

Hey, so weird...I just was about to close out your blog page and noticed that you have my Photography Blog...RhondaThompsonPhotography on your blog list. How cool..where do you guys live?

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

You are such a talented photographer! I love your shots, particularly the last few with the candy canes! And heck, you take the pictures when you can take the pictures, even if that wasn't until February :)

By the way, I love your daughter's name; I would definitely use it on a girl of my own, except my last name begins with an "F", and it just sounds strange together!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Heather said...

Haha, Felicity has Wes' look now! Must be the sugar. ;)

Jenilee said...

great pictures. aren't candy canes the stickiest things? :) at least you got your pictures taken :)

Shauna and Ben said...

Ohh, so glad I'm not the only person left with their tree still up :)
Great pictures!

My Heart said...

Yeah, um we just took our tree down this weekend too. Is it late if the rest of us are in the same boat?

Love the pictures!

Christina said...

I would love a hooded towel for Gracie! :) Can I have your e-mail address?

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