Photo shoot Jodie style

Meet Jodie, we went to school together, she's one of Kirstie's best friends and our favorite Deli girl/firefighter.

So when she asked me to take some photos of her I jumped at the chance.

I think she is gorgeous!

What would you all think about me trying to start my own photography blog?

With people to shoot as cute as her, I don't see how I could go wrong.

I would love any advice and constructive criticism, I am new to photography but love it with a passion! 
I had a blast taking these and can't wait to do it again!

Oh and maybe just maybe there will be a giveaway coming up soon. 

Just maybe ;)


Kristi said...

They turned out wonderful. This is the first time I have seen Jodie since my wedding so it was a shocker to see a smaller Jodie with makeup on. The third picture from the bottom doesn't look a thing like her, in my opinion. She looks beautiful.
A photoblog would be cool from you. I would love for you to take some pics of me. I'm sure Tom would enjoy it too.

Heather said...

Yes! A photography blog!! You take beautiful pictures. :-)

Christina said...

I think your photography is beautiful! I can tell that you keep getting better and better! These are lovely shots and she is a beautiful girl!

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