Kids say

Wes- I yost it Mommy
Me- Lost what buddy?
Wes- My udder finger, it's gone!
Me-Keep looking, it's there.
Wes- Nope it feld off.
Me- Well then pick it up and put it back on.
Wes- hahahaha You're funny Mommy!


"Mischief is my business and business is good"


Wes- Kirstie why you have a bubble on you chin?
Kirstie- huh?
Wes- You have a ball under your chin!
Kirstie- Umm it's called a double chin and thanks.
Wes- Yeah (rubbing his chin) I want one.

Soon enough buddy, soon enough


Wow Mommy!  I pooped in Target's potty!  I did, I did it!  Yea Mommy.
Can I have a cookie now?


Felicity-  grrr
Felicity- grrrrrr  :)
Wes- I like it when her roars at me.  Hers like a lion a little baby sister lion.


Yes he was trying to cut her....just a little bit.


Wes- I gonna cut down that Christmas tree.
Me- No.
Wes- I have to Mommy.
Me- No you don't.  If you cut it down we won't have a Christmas tree anymore and that would be sad.
Wes- that's ok


Wes- Play with me daddy!
Daddy- ugh I'm really tired, let me sleep a couple minutes.
Mommy as quietly as possible to Daddy-  Just play a couple minutes with your son and then I will put him to bed.
Wes, who can hear everything but "stop, shhh, no, and don't"- Yeah Daddy play with you son!


Wes- I have to pee!
Mom- Ok let's go!!
Wes- how bout I just pee in a cup?
Mom- No let's go.
Wes- I gonna pee in a cup.
Mom- Wes come on!  You are not going to pee in a cup.
Wes- yeah I do Mommy, it goes ppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Mom- Wes potty now.
Wes- ok ok ok


No I did not wash his face so yes there is now frozen breakfast all over it.

Mommy- I love you Wes
Wes-I love You Mommy!
Mommy- I love you more!!
Wes- Yeah ok :)


Jenilee said...

that last picture is super cute!! love the bright colored hat. aren't bright colors fun to photograph?

Christina said...

Haha! This brought a big smile to my face. :) Thanks for sharing some of the adorable things Wes says! He's too cute!

Mandy Cornick said...

Oh my gosh...hysterical! They definitely make our days brighter! What a blessing to be a mommy :)

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