Paint your blues away

My boy loves to paint,well he loves to stick his fingers in the squishy paint get a handful and squeeze!

He also loves to wear my fuzzy socks.

He is also officially potty trained!  Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!  You have no idea how very happy I am to say that!  It has been a huge struggle but this last week something finally clicked and he has been clean and dry even during naps and bed time!   Woooo Hooooo!!!! 

I am so proud so very very proud!  So to celebrate we rolled up the living room  rug and painted!  I even let him squish and squeeze the paint in his little hands as long as he wanted.  I didn't even take out the brushes, just let him be all boy and  a big mess, 'cause that's the way he likes it.  :)

So here's to my potty trained big boy!  I love you so very, very much! 


Tiffany said...

What a fun, colorful blog! Love the photos!

Christina said...

Love the pictures! I especially love that Wesley likes to wear your fuzzy socks! I have a great picture of Gracie in mine, and they come all the way up to her thighs!

Heather said...

Yay for Wes being potty trained! :)

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