Not Me Monday

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This past week has been scattered and unorganized, but I did not use that as a reason to be lazy with this post.

I did not finally get a bow to stay in Felicity's hair.  She does not have enough hair to even consider putting a bow in it yet. I would not then make her "pose" for some pictures when she was dog tired and in need of a nap just so I could capture the first time she wore a bow.  

Wes was not seen wearing only "Elmo" socks and underwear  in our house.

I did not try to make snowpops with straws!

I did not buy Wes an adult size snow hat because I was plain tired of buying him new hat every year because his head keeps growing!

Lastly I did not make laundry soap with the wrong baking soda.  I always read directions very carefully!  However if I did and I did not do this I would not be oh so thrilled when my clothes, even the really dirty ones came out clean!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Her bow is cute- she is getting so big!!
I like Wes' hat! :)

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