I've got chills, they're multiplying...

And I'm loosing my mind...

Not really but what's a mom to do when it's 5 degrees outside and the wind is blowing up to 40 miles per hour?  Make snow cream that's what!

So I have never had snow cream but thought it sounded fun, so I googled it, found a yummy yet easy recipe, bundled myself and Wes up and went out in the winter not so wonderful land to get some snow.

Wes loved and quickly started filling a pot with fresh falling snow!

Coming back inside was a little tricky,  we both were tumbling all over each other trying to get back in the warm kitchen.  My lens was all foggy too.

Once again the ever handy sink cutout came in handy!  Here is everything that you need for a yummy wintery treat.  2 cups milk (we made it chocolate milk), 1 cup sugar,  some sweeten condensed milk, vanilla (I forgot to add it and it tasted fine), and snow of course!

Yes that is Wes licking up the sugar he spilled.

Felicity liked playing in the snow.

Taadaaa!  Snow Cream!  Kind of looks like the snow under my car. *giggle*

It was a real crowd pleaser.  Even Matt liked it.

Wes did not eat much of his, he kept playing in it till I took it away.

Felicity however thought it was yummy.

Snow Cream will definitely become a wintry treat in our house.  Anyone else make snow cream?

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Heather said...

What about with maple syrup? In a fictional book I was reading (i forgot which one) I had read that the family made maple syrup snow! I always wanted to try that! I guess it makes like a candy because it gets thick because of the cold snow.

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