Emo fish and a Target potty

As  you know we lost our Molly kitty a couple months ago and have been pet-less since Thanksgiving when my fish died.  Actually we are pretty sure the poor little guy froze to death.  You see I am a stickler for turning the heat down and I will actually turn the furnace off when we go away.  So while on our Thanksgiving trip to VA and PA poor fishy died.  :(  He was a Christmas gift to Wes and I from Matt, so he lasted pretty long for a little Beta.  Wes has been begging for a new "Emo"  he means Nemo but it is just too cute hearing him ask for an Emo fish.  :)
While we were killing time waiting for Kirstie to get out of work earlier this week Wes saw the  pet store and really wanted to go there.  He, however had just told me he had to go number 2.  Not a big deal right?  WRONG!

This was the first time ever that I was even able to attempt to get him to go outside of our home.  So into the Target(it is right next to the pet store) bathroom we go.  I of course take the handicap stall so we could have a little more room. Note we had been killing time for almost 4 hours by now and both kids were strung out and I was exhausted.  Picture food splotched clothes, messy hair, spit up smelling, huge diaper bag toting, I never want to see another mall again looking mess, and I did not even mention what the kids looked like!

So here we are in the bathroom, my favorite place to be, or not.  I am still not ok with letting my son sit on a public toilet but that is a whole other post.  Let me recap just a little for you.

Wes- "What was that?"
Me, in a calm quiet voice- "nothing buddy try to go potty."
Wes- "somebody tooted :)"
Me- "Yes they did, we are in the bathroom, that happens.  Did you go ye?."
Wes, now kicking his dangling legs and trying to grab at the broken toilet paper dispenser - "Oh look Mommy a button!  Push it!"
Me,still remaining calm- "Wes don't touch that, it has nasty germs."
Wes, standing now because he suddenly had the urge to pee "I want to go to the pet store and get an Emo fish"
Me, thinking come one kid pee already! - "ok go potty and we will go"
Wes , sitting again "Can I hold sister?  Why her kicking? This is dirty!  Ewwww I heard that lady peee....that was peee Mommy.  Ihavetopooooooooopppppp!"
Me, slowing loosing my patience - Wes stop moving and talking and concentrate on going already.  Please."

2 seconds later

Wes- "I can't go, I want a fish now and a cookie."
Me- No Wes you have to go to get a treat.  Let's put your pants on and walk around a little and try again later. (thinking just get me out of here PLEEAASE!)
Wes, thinking he is not going to get his fish or cookie- No Mommy I have to go potty!  Come on Mommy.
Me, still holding the continuously squirming Felicity who is stretching out like Elastic girl in an attempt to touch anything her slobber covered hands can get a hold of - Just sit down, don't move, don't talk, don't... stop picking your nose, put your hands here and go potty!  Stop touching!

45minutes 2 minutes later

Wes-Wow Mommy!  I pooped in Target's potty!  I did, I did it!  Yea Mommy.
Can I have a cookie now?
Me, saying a prayer of thanks and never so happy in all my life to see a poopy in a public potty - Wooo Hooo!  Good job buddy!  I am so proud of you.  Don't touch that!  Or that!  Stop!  Ok let's just get out of here! 

And that my friends is how we came to be the proud owners of two new Emo fish.


Heather said...

Cute post! And beautiful picture of the fish!
I don't know how you did that while staying sane (and I'm talking about the whole day, too!)
When Brad is potty trained, I will bring a portable kids toilet and keep it in the back of my Tahoe. That is what my Aunt did with the girls, she kept in the back of her SUV. :-)

Kirstimack said...

Heather, my mom used to have a little yellow bowl type thing that she kept in the back of the car, it was the pee pot, and it worked great haha, kinda sounds gross, but it was much cleaner then public bathrooms, (it was actually for using the bathroom, haha, it was not just a random bowl we peed in)

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