Goodbye 2009

How did you spend your last night in 2009?  I spent my day making Mckmama's snowballs and my evening with friends and family.

We went to my friend and sister-in-laws parents house.  Her brother Devin met Felicity for the first time.  He is in the Marines and was enjoying so down time with his family and friends back home over the holidays.

This is the house that Wes said was ours.  Everyone had their own house on Lynn's mantel.

Here, Wes is actually talking to someone on Ellie's phone.  He called three different numbers while playing with her phone. Oops!

My sweet little girl did not make it to see the ball drop but she was such a good girl!  She was the best entertainment all night!

Wes of course was a ball of energy and kept everyone on their toes all night.  Uncle Mike made the mistake of laying down.  Wes quickly tackled him.

I hope that everyone had a great New Years whether you stayed home and went to bed early, partied all night, or stayed up just to watch the ball fall and then went to bed like us.

Happy New Year!


Pam, mom, honey, said...

how did you get the color in your pops, i tried wilton frosting coloring but it made my chocolate a paste, i tried plain food coloring too. i am wondering if it was the way i was doing the chocolate, the white worked great, it only messed up when i added coloring.

Heather said...

COLORFUL pops! :-) I'm going to try them in a couple days I think.
Looks like you had fun. I guess you partied with my brother, too. I called him last night and he said he was over there and I heard people in the background but I didn't know who was there. :)

lovingmylife said...

Heather, yes your brother was there. Pam, I used Wilton food coloring in the little tubs. The picture does not show it but the color is alittle grainy. I don't know if that is the right word but it did not totally mix with the chocolate. Whatever you do do not over heat the chocolate or it will turn to paste. That's why I have no red pops. :-) ALso straws was NOT a good idea! Have fun.

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