Farewell Albert

Albert aka. Kirstie's car.  Yes she named her Ford Albert.  I would have gone for something so much less original like Harrison but she is much more creative than me.  That being said she is going to have to start thinking on new names because Albert is not longer with us.  He is twisted mangled mess of metal and a vivid reminder of how quickly your life can change or end.    In a blink on the eye you can be driving home from your friends , blink, you run into drifted snow, blink, your wrapped around a telephone pole.  Another reason to be right with God and live your life for Him everyday!

Kirstie was driving home from her friend's house around 9 when she met with a section of road that was covered with blown snow and quickly lost control.  Spinning around, turning sideways, and stopping with her front passenger side door smashed in and glass all around.

Unable to open her door she had to climb out the back driver's side door and stumbled out to the country road waving her bruised and bleeding hands for help.  Amazingly cars passed her and continued on there way leaving her helpless and scared.  She was unable to find her phone in the dark mangled car so she started walking to a home I used to clean to ask for help.

Thankfully before she got there a very nice couple stopped and let her call me and I jumped up in my jammies and came to get her.  She was a mess.  Shaking and crying.  Upon seeing her car I was amazed that she was standing and visibly ok.  I only noticed some blood on her hands. 
The police officer cleared us as I was climbing into her car looking for her phone.  I was able to find the phone but the battery is gone.  Still is gone.  Oh and she named her phone too.  Aron, you know Elvis' real middle name.  Ok back to the story.  When I called my mom and told her, she insisted on me taking Kirstie to the ER to be checked because she was already starting to bruise from her seat belt and her chest hurt. 

After 3 1/2 hours in the ER, we left with a prescription for pain meds after refusing an elbow xray.  The next day we went to try to find Aron's battery.  Matt looked and looked but was unable to find it.  So my ever texting sister is without a phone.  Poor girl is going through withdraw! I am so thankful that she is safe and that she was wearing her seatbelt. 
Today she has nearly black bruises on her chest, stomach, arm, wrist, leg, and ankle.  She is limping because her hip hurts and retelling her story with giggles and all the dramatic drama that makes Kirstie, Kirstie.  As I write this she is telling it to my cousin Emmy and they are wiping tears of laughter away.  Glad she is here to laugh about it!
She is in need of a new car since she did not have collision insurance on her car sooooo, if you know of any great deals, send them our way.   So I have learned to be thankful, ever so thankful and careful! 

Thank you Lord for  protecting my sister!


Heather said...

Wow, I'm glad she is ok! It sure is scary seeing pictures of the car.

Anonymous said...

I really really miss Albert and Aron :(

Kristi said...

Lindsay I mentioned to Kirstian that I am selling my '98 Bug. Matt is welcome to come and take a look at it. $2500, 158000 miles, still runs perfectly fine. The reason we are selling it is because I don't need two cars while Tom is gone and we are looking to buy a 4 door when he gets back.

Dan said...

It is scary seeing those pictures. Praise God you are safe...We love you Kirstian!

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