College break visits

Recently Kirstie, my cousin Emily aka. Emy, the kids and I drove about an hour to my Aunt Mary's house.  My cousin's Erika and Marissa were home from college and we really wanted to see them before they had to go back.  Marissa's boyfriend Marcos (he's for Cyprus) came up for Christmas break as well.  They are going to college together.  It was my first time meeting him, he seemed like a really nice guy. 

 It was Bethany's 16th birthday so we ate cake and ice cream after dinner from Subway.  Yummy!  It is hard to believe that Beth is 16!  I can remember Aunt Mary when she was pregnant with her.  Makes me feel old, but enough about me being old!

Wes and Marcos had great time building marble towers. 

Oh man, isn't she cute?  That little bow just kills me.  How stinkin' cute!

Aunt Mary usually give the kids books when we come to visit.  She is a school teacher and loves to read them stories.  She is dramatic when she reads them too, keeps them interesting.  Well she may have made the story of "Otto the fish" a little too dramatic because sensitive Wesley got scared and had to take refuge on Marcos and Marissa laps!

Where was Felicity during story time?  Listening to the baby Ipod with cousin Emy.  Wes received that toy as a Christmas gift a couple years ago and we LOVE it!  It plays classical music and is a great travel toy.

Let's not forget camera shy Erika.  I am not sure who took this photo of her but I am glad they did.  We probably won't see her or Marisa till this summer so I was so thankful that we there was good weather and we were able to make the trip to visit them.

This is the greatest little Nativity set!  Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles gave it to Wes.  My friend Heather has it and I loved it and wanted to get it for the kids but didn't.  I was super excited when Wes unwrapped it!   Anyone notice the addition that Wes thought was necessary?  Felicity's color and shape sorting ball is in the background.  What nice Christmas gifts!
Thanks Aunt Mary!

And Kirstie, see she does not too bad for just totally her car.

We had a great time.  Do any of you have close family that you get to spend time with?


Heather said...

I am so excited that you have that nativity set! It is so nice!

Heather said...

Oh, I see you have the fruit in the donkey's cart- we are missing ours!! :-) Have been for a few weeks now.

lovingmylife said...

The fruit will probably turn up in a place you never thought to look. Kids are good at that! :-)

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