Really babe?

So last night I was laying in bed and my husband was complaining his neck hurt.  I, being wide awake offered to go get the smelly old man cream painatrait and rub his neck for him.  He of course thought that was a great idea.  While rubbing his neck,  I joked with him that his neck would not hurt so much if he "was not looking at all the pretty girls"  His reply...."Nah, I don't look at pretty girls"  Slight pause... "just my wife"

Well that did not come out the right way.  He meant well, he really did.  :)

Kind of like the time when we were at a fourth of July celebration and he saw a girl he used to have a crush, way back when I was still in school.  He says,  "wow she really put on some weight."    I reply "Umm, I'm fatter than her, Matt."   And he says once again with out turning on his internal sensor replied "yeah I know"

Geez!  It's ok the guy adores me, he's just not good with words.  :)  I love him anyways!


Heather said...

Hehe, okay, that is funny. :-) Matt- open wide and insert foot! Hehe.

Mandy Cornick said...

oh my gosh...that's hysterical! And just because I want to tell ya...you are beautiful Lindsay!!

Traci Michele said...

Out of the mouth of "BABES"... ahaha Thanks for the laugh.

Nice to meet you! Found you via Pixel Perfect.


Jenilee said...

this totally made me laugh out loud! my husband is the same way! loved this post. :)

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