8 months

Today my sweet baby girl is 8 months old.  She is growing so fast and learning new tricks.  She pulls up and stands on anything that her little hands can grab.  In the last couple of days she has even been taking steps while holding onto something.  I was hoping she would hold off on walking a little longer than Wes but it does not look like she will. She absolutley loves to jump in her Jonny Jump Up!   Her very favorite thing to do the past couple of weeks is to play with the bright, shiny, plastic, Christmas ball ornaments.

She is eating more normal food, some of her favorites is mac and cheese and  kix.  She also loves diced peaches and pears.  She is even drinking out of Wes' cups.

She LOVES the Christmas tree and because our house is so small, the tree overlaps our couch a little.  (The tree really looked a lot smaller before we cut it down.)  This makes nursing and giving her her bottles a lot more difficult since she is much more interested in the lights and balls than eating.

She is learning to roll a ball back and forth between herself and Mommy.  She clearly know how to use her tiny fingers and grabs at anything and everything in her reach!  She loves to play with Wes and his toys but does enjoy chewing on her baby toys as well.

I have noticed that some of her 6-9 months clothes are starting to get too short for her.  It is always sad for me when I have to switch out sizes.  She is currently without socks because she has outgrown them all!  We bought her some for Christmas but I think she will get them sooner.  She does not keep them on anyways, so she is usually in a onesie and tights.

She says "mama", "dada", "baba", "yaya", "lala" and "yea" .  I think she may actually be saying "yea" because she only says it when she claps her hands and that is what we say when we clap our hands.  :)  It is also pretty clear that she knows what "mama" means because she says it to me when her chubby arms reaching to me and when I leave the room.

She absolutely adores her big brother and laughs the hardest at him.  They like to crawl behind the Christmas tree and play together.  She just lights right up when she sees him and the feeling seems to be mutual because he loves to kiss and play with her.

God has really blesses us with a very healty, happy, and absolutely adorable daughter! We have so much to be thankful for!


Heather said...

Cute pics of Felicity with the ornament! She is growing so fast!!!

Christina said...

She's a gorgeous girl! Why do they have to grow up so fast...

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