Even more cookies

My Grandma's recipe for rolled sugar cookies....soooo good, sooo fun, sooo cute, sooo messy!
Oh and just for a little neat idea, if you ever get new counters save the piece you cut out to put the sink in.  It works AWESOME as a cookie roll out station because it fits perfectly over the sink area! See Wes is using it here to make his cookies.

You do not even want to see my kitchen, well actually the kitchen is not horrible but the floor looks like we tried to spatter paint it and then dumped sand on top of that.  It's really bad and my feet are so nasty, because I am always barefoot in my house no matter how cold.  I hate socks!  Back to my baking with Wesley and Kirstie  help, of course.  Even little Felicity got to "help" out a little or at least got a little floured by Wes.  :)

What was only supposed to be a nice Sunday afternoon of baking and decorating turned into an almost 2 day affair!  We made, rolled, cut out, and baked them all yesterday.  Wes had a BALL!  He loved piling the flour on the dough before rolling them.  He got a little carried away.

Today the cookies were frosted or painted as Wes preferred to call it. I gave Wes his own cookies and bowls of brightly colored Royal Frosting.  The boy is good at blending colors!

And face painting!

Kirstie and I put a little too much more time into decorating our cookies. I thought mine were looking pretty good, that is until Kirstie came and put me to shame.  She is the artistic sister.

We said good bye to our master pieces as we packed them with their fellow cookie friends in Christmas tins to give as lovely calorie packed Christmas gifts. 

Oh I almost forgot we made ourselves, or rather cookie versions of ourselves.  Aren't we cute?  Poor Matt's head is a little deformed but he looks happy about it anyways.

So we had fun and now I have to wash the floor so my feet will stop sticking to the floor!  I hate washing my floors...wonder if Matt will do it?


Christina said...

Oh my gosh, they look SO good! How fun! I adore your family cookies! :)

Heather said...

Your cookies look soo good! And I love your new blog layout!!

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