Not Me Monday

This is a blog carnival started my Mckmama...head on over and see what other things everyone else did or did NOT do.

This past week we did get our Christmas tree.  It is decked out in all the balls, lights, ornaments, candy canes and special mementos that any tree could ever want to be decked out with.  It's a happy tree. 

Having such a nice tree there is no way that I would ever think of decorating my children!  I did not see one lonely set of large colored lights and think that they would look super cute on my oldest!  

He would have thought such an idea was crazy!  He probably would have thought I was the craziest mom ever.  Sure is a good thing then that I did NOT do that.

Then knowing how he would have disliked being made into the cutest tree ever I would NEVER EVER EVER try the same thing on my youngest!  Putting a pile of glowing lights in front of a 7 month old would only make her want to eat them and that would be dangerous.  So I definitely did not do that either!


Christina said...

Haha! I love those pictures of the little ones and lights! I did something similar with Gracie! Also, I love that you use colored lights. We have white lights, but this year I was wishing we had all the pretty colors on our tree. :)

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Adorable, even the "grumpy" shots!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

The picture of your son with those lights on his head make me envision Wooville from "The Grinch"... and I'm not sure why! He looks just too sweet for words :)


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