In training

Wes has always love my wrap, he loves to be carried in it, carry his toys in it, and asks to carry his sister.  Today he actually told me "I all growed up mom.  I carry sister now."  Since I don't think he is big enough yet I suggested he practice some more with his animals. 

Cookie Monster was his baby of choice today.  Sometimes it is a tool, a couple cars, teddy bear, or even a baby doll. 

He is so sweet and caring when he is playing Daddy. He even shares his cookie with his baby.  This is true love because not just anyone gets to share a cookie with Wes.

I think I will have to make him his own wrap but he usually wears mine wrapped around him twice.  Look, he can even multi-task and watch Word World and take care of his baby.

When Cookie Monster fell to sleep Wes put him in Felicity's carseat and gave him a pacifier. 

Oops Mommy was too loud and woke Cookie so Wes had to give him a cookie "to make him happy."

Too stinkin cute!

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Jenilee said...

that is so cute. I love how much kids love babies. My girls love to play babies!

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