Not Me Monday!

This is a blogger carnival set up by MckMama to share all the things we are rather embarrassed to share or never did. ;) Check her site out and post your own Not Me Monday!

This past week while my computer was getting fixed by a friend and I did not start to exhibit withdraw symptoms! I did not continuously think of great blog ideas and the perfect pictures to go along with them and Not be able to post them. I did not find myself lost at night after the kids were in bed when I could not work on my posts and edit pictures. I did not run to get said computer when I got the call, dragging my nearly ready for bed kids and husband with me. And I most certainly did not stay up past mid-night "catching up" with my long lost friend computer!

I did not make with Kirstie help a make shift tent for Wes to play in. I did not then let him take his not quite 7 month old sister in it with him. She could get hurt. Once realizing how much Felicity loved being in the tent and she started fussing for lunch I did not just give Wes a bottle to feed her. We all did not just leave her in there alone long after our tent fun was over.

I would never look for an extra 5 minutes of quiet without my baby, I always enjoy holding and loving on her.

I did not teach Wes to sort things by size and shape by making him unload the dishwasher. That would be ingenious child labor. I am not looking forward to teaching that lesson to him a lot more often.

I did not take 20 pictures of my sleeping Felicity because I thought she looked so sweet sleeping in her tights and onsie! I did not marvel and how sweet and delicious her chubby little legs are and why my big chubby legs do not look so cute.

I did not let Wes feed his little sister store bought baby food. I always make my own food and would never dream of giving my baby anything but the best. :)


Jenilee said...

her legs are adorable! :) I love how you worded that. I've never wondered the same things about my legs. :) :) and I love the dishwasher idea! :)

Heathymom said...

Love the post!! Kuddos to you for using the link thingy so you can just type in the name and have the link hidden! ;-) Ha, I love how Wes' mouth is open while his is putting food in Felicity's mouth. I just read an older post of MckMama's last night in which she talked about that very same thing! See ya later at Bible Study!!

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