Wes' Party

Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird cupcakes, hot dogs, coleslaw, fruit salad, and PRESENTS!!!!!

We had Wesley's 3rd birthday party today with just our close family. He was a very happy boy and loved all his presents. Matt and I bought him a bicycle. He has been asking for one for a couple months and we were able to find a Thomas the Tank Engine bike with training wheels on sale at Target! I love sales. :)

He got snow boots, sneakers, work boots, and rubber fireman boots for those really rainy days. He also got jammies, socks, match box cars and construction vehicles, stickers and books. He really needed new shoes since he totally skipped size 9 and went straight into 10's! All of his shoes are too small. He only wore crocs all summer so I did not realize how big his feet were getting.

It was really nice to have everyone together again. I really miss having my family close and so does Wes! Felicity was a very good girl all day and enjoyed playing hot potato from one smiling family member to the next eager pair of hands.
And yes she wore her jammies to the party :)

Matt put his bike together and tried to teach Wes to peddle. Wes was not really interested in peddling and just wanted to roll down the drive way and into the grass. We will have to take him to a place with black top so he can try it on level ground. Matt is really excited about teaching him. I think it is great when Matt tries to get involved with the kids because sometimes it comes hard for him.

Kirstie made all the cup cakes and a little cake for Marisa, who's birthday was today. Happy Birthday Marisa! I hope you enjoyed your day and your little purple cake :) The cup cakes were soooo cute. She stayed up past 3am making them!!! That is dedication and love! Thanks so much!!

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Anonymous said...

very cute lindsay, too bad we didnt have the singing elmo balloon for his party :)

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