Not Me Monday

Meet my mom and youngest sister Jill aka Bean.

They drove from PA for Wes' party. After the party Matt and I took them on a fourwheeler ride on Matt's swampy land.

It was on this ride that I did NOT refuse to get my lazy behind off the fourwheeler to get myself a hat. So my loving husband brought me out a hat that my son usually wears. A hat that my mom deamed "Birth control."

I would NEVER EVER EVER "gun it" over a fallen log, rear the machine completely vertical and dump my mom flat on her back with her legs and arms straight up in the air! That could really hurt her back and I am a seasoned four wheeler rider and know how to control my machine. And if my chance that ever did happen, which it certainly DID NOT I would NEVER EVER EVER laugh so hard at seeing my mom squirming on the mud and leaves that I nearly peed my pants. I am a much more concerned about my mom to ever do something like that.

I did NOT ruined with mud the pants and shoes that my mom was going to wear on her 6 hour ride back home. That would be very mean of me to make my mom sit in dirty exhaust smelling clothes in a car with other people for that long!

I would NEVER take my mom and sister fourwheeling on the first day of bow hunting season. That would be seriously dangerous not to mention rude to all those hunters that we saw on our way to Matt's land.

I would NEVER loose my husband and sister and have to ride around in a field that I was not sure if we owned looking for them. Nope Not Me!

I would Never try to convince Matt to sell this pretty land to the hunter who wanted to buy it because I want a new lense for my camera! It is HIS land Not mine and I would not want him to sell something so pretty just so I could have more toys. Definately NOT ME!

I DID really enjoy spending time with my mom, Bean,Zach, and Dan this weekend and can't wait to see them all again! YES DEFINATELY ME!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

you have captured some great pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

You also did NOT laugh histarically when your chair tipped me off, and I landed flat on my butt for no reason, nope not you at all, lol :)

Heathymom said...

Ok, your hat is cute, not that bad really! :-) It is amazing that a kids hat fits anyways.

lovingmylife said...

I like the hat too :-)

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