Just another average day

Some days are great, full of fun, trips to neat places, yummy food, good pictures, and laughter.

Some days are horrible, there are poopy pants, peed in carseats, boogers in my hair, maple syrup and eggs on the floor, burnt dinner, and cat puke right in the path I walk blindly in the the middle of the night to the bathroom.

Then there are the days that we tend to forget. The ones where nothing really happen, diapers and changed, floor are vaccuumed, dishes done, prayers said, boogers wiped, tears shed, hugs given, and books read. These days make up the majority of my days. Sometimes they are hard to get through and I just want to go somewhere and do some thing fun. Sometimes I cherrish the time alone with my kids and I am sooo glad I don't have to leave my comfy jammies let alone the hosue. Sure there are trips to the grocery store, walks to the mail box, talks on the phone, and little snuggles on the couch but nothing super exciting.

I have decided that I am going to try to do more to remember the average days. To play a little harder, read alittle longer, and love a little deeper. To make Santo beards in the tub, put out imaginery fires in the living room, play tractors on the floor, finger paint, and turn off the tv! I want to take advantage of every minute I have with my family. Every minute is a blessing and we should all thank God for ALL our days!

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kirstimack said...

haha, Wes loves making Santa beards!! You guys should come over for tubby time tonight :)

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