Rough Night!

8:45~ Daddy tucks Wes into bed
9:15~ Mommy lays Felicity down for the night
10:30~ Daddy goes to bed
10:45~ Mommy joins him
11:30~ Still awake
12:00~ Mommy heads down stairs
12:50~ Mommy goes back to bed
1:05~ Felicity is up and hungry
1:30~ Felicity is back in bed and sleeping
1:45~ Wes is making funny noises so Mommy who is still awake goes to check on him. Mommy walks his night light lit room and...

Mommy- (startled) Hey bud, what are you doing up?
Wes- I want a dack (snack)
Mommy- Nope it is night time and you need to sleep.
Mommy (thinking Why is this kids so wide awake?) No
Wes- I need, I need, I need
Mommy- a drink of water?
Wes- Yep!
Mommy- I'll be right back
2:00~ Mommy is back in bed after supply Wes with water
2:15~ Wes walks into Mommy's room
Wes- Read me a book?
Mommy- No bud. Get back in bed.
Wes- Tuck me in?
Mommy- Err ok, but you need to go to sleep Mommy is tired.
Wes runs into his room at a speed at usually not seen at 2am. He then proceeds to go directly to his tools and grabs and handful
Wes- Let's make a house Mommy
Mommy-NO get in bed NOW!
Wes- (head hanging low in his overly dramatic way) OK Mommy
2:20~ Mommy lays back down after tucking Wes in
2:30~ Wes is back in Mommy's room
Wes-I need to say my prayers!
Mommy- (Thinking this) "I really don't want to discourage praying and why is he so smiley?" Ok Wes let's go
Mommy- Now I lay me....God bless yaya....Amen
Wes- You forgot Aunt Donna!
Mommy- (much faster now) God Bless Aunt Donna and Uncle Tom! Now go to sleep or next time you get up Mommy is going to send Daddy in.
Wes-(still super happy and wide awake) Ok Mommy. Music please.
2:45~ Music is on and Mommy is finally back in bed
2:50~ Wes is walking around again!
2:51~ Mommy elbows Daddy who was most likely pretending to be sleeping and asks him to take care of his boy. Daddy tells his to stay in bed in his rough I mean business voice and Wes cries for a minute and says he can't but eventually goes to sleep.
2:55~ AAAWWWW Sleep at last!!
3:10~ Felicity is crying again and apparently starving because he drinks an 8oz bottle in addition to nursing
3:45~ Felicity is back in bed and Mommy finally falls to sleep for the first time!
7:02~ Felicity is up and ready to start the day
Mommy is looking forward to nap time!


jmberrygirl said...

Wow. My childless husband and I went down for the night at 10:45 and slept until the alarm and 3 snoozes forced us out of the bed... at 5:50. Just in case you needed a reminder of what it's like B.C. (before children) =)

lovingmylife said...

Kids are awsome and I love them to pieces but a Mom has got to have more than 4 hours of sleep. And yes my days of sleeping in are gone for the time being. Felicity is like an alarm clock, she is up everyday at 7 no matter how many times she gets up at night.

The Willard Family said...

Wow! Bless your heart. I hope that you get to take a nap today!! :)

jmberrygirl said...

I've chosen your blog on my list of those worthy of the Honest Scrap Award. Please visit my place for details!

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