Not Me! Monday

This is a blogger carnival started by Mckmama as a way to blog about what we did or did not do during our week. Hop on over to http://www.mycharmingkids.net/ and read about everyone else and what they did not do!

This should actually be titled Not Me Thursday because if all of these events happened they would have happened on that day. And if the following events did happen , which they most certainly did not this is how it would have started with a twitter.

Mckmama sent out a twitter saying that she was going to have a live chat with a chance to win a $200 gift from Sticks and Stones. I have LOVED Sticks and Stones since I saw them a while ago on tv and REALLY wanted to win this contest! I did not FREAK out when I realized that the live chat was going to start at the exact time that I was supposed to be bringing my daughter to the doctors.

I did not wait an extra 6 minutes before leaving because I kept hitting the refresh button hoping that Mckmama would pop in and say hello. I did not then have to tailgate the 50something year old man in the Oldsmobile in front of me. I did not pass a sheriff. I did not then pull into the doctor's office along with the 50something year old man, who just happened to be going to the same doctor's office. I did not realize that the sheriff pulled in after us.

I did not hear the before mentioned 50something man tell the sheriff that the only reason he was speeding (40 in a 35, nothing super serious) was because I was making him nervous! What nerve!!! He was speeding before I got behind him! Then I did not nonchalantly start to take Peanut out of her seat and act slightly surprised when the sheriff called me over to his cruiser, which happened to be parked right next to me.

The sheriff then asked me if I was late (which I was not because I was making good time behind the lying 50something year old man who HAD been speeding right along in front of me) so I said "ummm no". The sheriff then proceeded to tell me that I scared this old man and should really be more cautious. And what do you think I was thinking at this exact moment? I can tell you one thing I definitely was NOT thinking, "Great now I will never make it back in time to comment and possibly win the Sticks and Stones prize!!!!" I am not at all obsessed!

He let me go with a warning to be more aware of my surroundings and to watch my speed. I then, if this was all true which it is NOT would have had to go into the doctors office and face the lying 50 year old man! Talk about embarrassing!

In the end I DID make it home with a sound asleep Peanut who actually stayed asleep for over half an hour snuggled up in her infant seat. She had no ear infection and is 16lb.2oz and 26 1/2in. long. With everything that did not happen, I still made it home about 5 minutes before live chat ended and was able to meet some really nice ladies.

So moral of the story and lesson learned... DO NOT be a crazy obsessed woman, it is dumb and you still don't win. :) Next time I will be more responsible and realize my kids ARE the REAL prize and what more could I possibly want?!

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Christina said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say hello! We seem to have a few things in common; I am also a stay-at-home mom and am rarely without my camera! Your children are adorable!

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