Apple picking

I have been wanting to go to the apple orchard for a while now but just never got around to it. It was a beautiful day yesterday. In the low 60's and sunny! Kirstie and I packed the kids up and headed to the old family run apple orchard on Terrance Mountain. Matt and I have been going to this particular apple orchard since we were dating and I really like the simple beauty of it.
I covered Wesley in bright colors so it would be harder to loose him amongst the trees. He had a blast and much to my surprise we were the only people there so I let him run around and explore. I think there is probably a peck of apples in our bushel that we picked with one bite out of them. He kept tasting them and then putting them in our bags.

Then Kirstie started an apple fight with Wes and I, an innocent bystander got pegged in the back of the head by a flying Macintosh!

My favorite spot by far is the old Northern Spy trees on the top of the hill. In my opinion they taste so much better than the newer trees. I picked a half bushel of these while Kirstie fed Felicity under the shade of another Norther Spy.

Wes ran around with one shoe off, it kept falling off so he decided to just go without it. I was able to catch a couple cute shots of him playing in the grass. He is such a character!

Felicity even got to try some apples. We would take a bite or two and then give the apple to her to suck on. She LOVED it and since she has no teeth it was safe. She smelt like an apple for most of the day.

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