Not Me! Monday

This is the part of the week where I sit back and look at all the things that I should of, would of, could of done or well let's face it should NOT have done. It's when I face up to the fact that I am NOT super mom, I do NOT have a house you can eat off the floor of, and sometimes laughter truly is good medicine!

I did NOT wish that I could fly across the country to meet up with a bunch of women I have never met, to a place I have never been, to talk to "friends" who I would probably never see again, and buy neat furniture which I would then have to ship all the way back home. I did NOT do all of this just so I could meet MckMama. I did NOT stay up late last night and try to win one of her awesome contests. I did NOT feel like the biggest loser when I completely goofed up and tried to guess the ages of Mela Kamhttp://melakamin.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/mudd-lake-with-mckmama-friends/in's kids http://melakamin.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/mudd-lake-with-mckmama-friends/ . I mean come on everyone else did it right why would I even think of the wrong lady!

On a note closer to home...

I did NOT freak out just a little when we were driving up Equinox Mountain yesterday. I certainly would not sit in my car seat and try to figure out how I would save every member of my family IF by some unforeseen incident our car tumbled recklessly down the mountain and down into the valleys below. "Into the valleys, valleys below, my heart keeps singing" (Sorry that song just popped into my head) Back to falling off the mountain. You would have to be a crazy woman to not be able to just enjoy the day and beautiful fall colors and keep thinking of all the possible ways to save my family from impending doom! So I did NOT do that!

I also did NOT smack my ever loving and always sensitive husband when he thought he would be funny and swerve the car towards the edge of the road while I was taking pictures! He would NEVER do that to me and I would NEVER return such silliness with a welt leaving whack from one of my over sized almost man like hands!

I would NOT let a strange man at the top of the mountain touch and call my very female looking baby girl a BOY! I would NOT then think of silly come backs that would totally embarrass this man but keep them to myself.

Finally I would not spend extra gas money and almost an extra hour in the car with my two over tired kids, car sick sister and leg cramped husband just so I could get a couple pictures of a covered bridge and church! I am much less selfish and thoughtful of other peoples needs!

This is part of a blog carnival provided by http://www.mckmama.net/ stop by and see what else everyone did NOT do this week!


Heathymom said...

Funny stuff! I wished, errr, I mean "did not wish" that I could have traveled across the country to meet strangers in a furiture barn, too. No, I would never do that either, that would be pure silliness!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

what gorgeous pictures.....So enjoyed your blog...Just out blog hopping on this rainy night.
...Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog and leave your favorite Christmas song...and enter a great giveaway.

Anonymous said...

haha, i remember you bonking the back of my head too, you are so abusive, but..."YAY!!!!!! PUMPKINS!!!!!"

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