Pumpkin Patch

A day at the pumpkin patch is always loads of fun!

Both kids love being outside and I LOVE fall colors, green, orange,red, brown and Felcity's happy blue eyes!

Matt came straight from work to join in the fun!

Yea! They are both kind of looking at the camera and smiling!!

Wesley was afraid of a witch face :(

Wes was a bit of a booger and kept running away but finally sat still to get a couple pictures.

Felicity was more interested in the weeds than the pumpkins

Wesley loved playing and has been asking to go back since we left.

He rolled down Jack and Jill Hill...

Ate cidar donuts and drank cidar...

Felicity wanted to have some too!

And played some more

All the excitement was exhausting...Little Peanut fell to sleep on the way home:)


kirstimack said...

oooo cute, I love your family, I'm now following you, arent you soooo happy,

Heathymom said...

Cute pics, looks like a fun time! Hopefully we are going this week some time! :-)

Thea said...

Looks like we missed all the fun! I hope to able to go here when I get there! Glad You all had fun!!

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