Happy 3rd Birthday Wesley!

UPDATE: Elmo has died! He was attacked by a crazy 3 year old and and fishing pole. He was mourned till Mommy brought out the Sesame Street stickers. (got to love the short attention span) Rest in peace Elmo...I know I will. :)
Why do you ask is that little boy running around the house screaming on the top of his lungs and jumping around like some crazy person? Because he can, thats why!! Why would any sane mom let their recently turned 3 year old eat donut holes for breakfast, a chocolate choo choo cupcake for lunch and sugar, chocolate and pizza for dinner?? Because he wanted them thats why!! Why would this little boy's Aunt Kirstie give this hyper maniac boy a bouquet of balloons that sings in a very loud Elmo voice "Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday from Elmo...Happy Birthday to you...And many more!!"??? Because she's EVIL!!!!!!!!! Just wait Kirstie I have some very sweet gifts to give to your future children! :)

Wes' real party is not till Sunday but we wanted to make yesterday special for him and it is a tradition in my family to let the birthday person pick the meals. When I decided to start that tradition with Wesley this year I did not think about what a 3 year old boy would actually want to eat! He was bouncing off the walls by 9am! There were random shrieks and jumping throughout the day and junk food galor!

He did get some great presents in addition to the horrible singing balloon. :) A Buzz Lightyear "pack pack" (back pack) and fishing pole with magnetic fish, balls, Sesame Street books, and a Thomas the Tank Engine train set. The train set is still set up in the living room and the "Track Eater" (Felicity) enjoys it as much as Wesley. I think Daddy liked setting it up as much as Felicity enjoyed taking it apart and Wesley enjoyed making his trains choo choo around the tracks!

I can't believe my little power puking, thumb sucking, Mommy loving, non snuggling, car ride hating, Johny jump-up loving, obsessively drooling, great nap taking, constantly moving, little pooper has turned into a tractor loving, train choo chooing, little sister tickling, short nap taking, still constantly moving, toy fixing, boot wearing, Sesame Street watching, underwear wearing, toddler bed sleeping, "I do it myself!" 3 year old! It happened way too fast! Let's see what the next year brings our way. I love you Wesley even when your are so hopped up on sugar you can't see straight and I secretly love the fact that you are totally thrilled with the much too loud elmo balloon (just don't tell Aunt Kirstie!) :)


Heathymom said...

Hehe, sounds like a fun day! Bradley has a train set up in his room, and guess what, he chews on the tracks just like Felicity!! haha!! :-) So cute.

macleod_usa said...

Happy Birthday Wesley, I'm glad both "boys" liked the train set, and Felicity must also think it tastes good.
Love Papa & Nana MacLeod

kirstimack said...

HAHAHA, poor Elmo, I should have gotten a warrenty or something on him, i wish i could here him sing again lol, i miss him

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