Two Year old Love

Another beautiful fall day spent running around the backyard and playing on the teeter totter Matt made for Wes.Wes' friend Claire came over to spend some time with Wes. The tetter totter was a huge hit and after about 5 minutes I was finally able to show the kids how to do it on their own. It is not easy trying to tell two two year olds how to push their feet off the ground without them kicking!All was peacefull, beautiful, and happy...Until...Wesley decided to try to play tag with ClaireAnd pushed just a little too hard
It appears that she does not like to be pushed. Notice the pointer finger poised to lecture the unruly Wesley. So they tried ring-a-rong-the-rosie

that went well until...

"They all fall down" just one too many times and the finger came out again :)

Wes decided to just run and that made both of them very happy!

And they lived happily ever after or at least until lunch when they both wanted to sit in the same chair. :P

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Kristi said...

That was adorable. Love the pictures.

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