Not me Mnday

Welcome to Not Me Monday. This was started by http://www.mckmamma.com/ in an attempt to tell us all the things that she certainly did not do during the week. Join in the fun and post about all the Not Me! things that you did this week.

I did NOT under any circumstances stay in my jammies all day any day this week and certainly
dressed both kids everyday before nap time. That would just make me a bad mommy.
I did NOT let Wes give Felicity a taste of his already been licked lollipop!

I did NOT forget to feed the cat a wonder why she was bugging me all day.

I did NOT loose my cell phone in the hay field while taking pictures and cause my husband to come home early because he was sooo worried because he could not get a hold of me. I did NOT then realize that my phone was on vibrate and virtually impossible to find. Finally I DID NOT only find my phone because I saw the massive imprint in the grass that my butt had smashed down!
I did NOT cry when I could not talk to my mommy when I was having a bad day. That did NOT make my husband feel so bad that he washed the kitchen floor in an attempt to cheer me up.

I did Not quietly laugh when my husband told me that while he was babysitting Wes ripped the bottom was the window screen open and threw hands fulls of toys out because he "was cleaning" ! Laughing about that would just be wrong.

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