Biter Biscuits

After I finally got motivated enough to go grocery shopping I decided that my eager little eater was ready for bite biscuits. She is grabbing at everything that we eat and will actually start to fuss in hopes of getting a taste. She wasted no time at all shoving the teether into her droolly little mouth.
Thankfully the Bumbo is super easy to clean. I wish I would have thought to take her clothes off before allowing her to cover them in icky, sticky, gooey, ooze.
Feeding babies their first foods are always so fun. She would actually get so excited she would shake her little goo covered hands when you handed her back the biscuit when she dropped it.
It's amazing to me that my baby girl is already eating solids and loving them so much! The up side is now I have a special treat for her when we are making dinner together because for some reason as soon as I start making dinner both kids want to "help" and it is not very helpful.

Ahhh, a face only a Mommy can love. A bath was definitely required to clean up this mess.

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