Time Out!

So yesterday I was watching my friend Beth's little girl, Claire. She is Wesley's " Bef frend" ( but then again anyone who pays any attention to him instantly becomes his best friend, yesterday it was the cart guy at WalMart :) Back to the story...Claire and Wes played together outside and I thought lets get some pictures of them together. Well we have a very nice tree in the back yard so I took the kids over there and started snapping pictures. It was then that I realized how very different boys and girls are. I have always known there were obvious differences but it was amazing how differently they both responded to simply sitting in tree. Wes embraced it, loved it, and did not want to leave. Claire clung to the branch like those crazy bugs that land on your windshield while at a stop light and miraculously hang on till you hit about 45 mph. How they do that I will never know but there she was clinging on for dear life. There he was relaxed and barely even sitting on the branch. When I backed up to take a picture poor Claire screamed and Wes being the ever antagonistic boy screamed back which made Claire scream again. I stood there and listened to the screams reach a record level of high pitch before quickly snapping some shots of them screaming. Wes' screams were from the delight of making Claire scream and Claire's were a combination of terror and happiness because she quickly realized that she can scream much louder than Wes and at a decimal could shatter glass. So went our tree picture taking experience. Needless to say I did get a couple cute pics of Claire and Wes but I forgot to wash Wes's face so his are truly, well Wesley :)

Once we were safely out of the tree and inside Wes and Claire began playing house. Claire was the over protective Mommy and Wes was the loving Puppy. That's right while Claire was doting over bald baby dolls Wes was running around on all fours barking and occasionally licking the baby. When in a Puppy state on mind Wes got too close to the baby, Claire's over protective side kicked in and she bit Wes! I promptly put the biter in time out and watched and giggled as Wes walked over to her and in a super sweet and quiet voice asked her "Why you bite me Claire? It's not nice. Be nice Claire....No bite da Puppy." Then the kicker. "Jesus sayed no biting" Wow where did he get that? I never said Jesus said no biting! Claire just looked up at him and said sorry. Funny how the roles were quickly reversed, puppy became Mommy and Mommy baby. I just love these two kids, there is never a dull moment.
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