Sunday Drive

Yesterday was the first day in months, many many months where Matt and I were able to get away all day with no kids. It was great to be able to just be husband and wife and not have to devote any time to anyone else but us. "US" that is a concept that sometimes I as a Mommy forget is not you, me, and the kids. Sometimes it just has to be you and me. Without special Mommy and Daddy time things begin to fall out of place, out of perspective, and get disorganized. Thankfully Matt loves long rides so we drove over 200 miles and talked about as many topics. Everything from our dreams, our kids, discipline issues, grumpy talking, vacations, shoes, eyebrows, boots, work, more "us" time, Peanut and the Pooper, and the list goes on and on. We went to Lee Mass. to the Prime outlets and I am happy to say that I only spent $33 and change! That is a record :) I could have easily spent much more. Then we drove around and found a cute cafe and ate lunch, just sandwiches but is was yummy. We some how ended up in Hudson and went back to Olana. That is the place that Matt and I wanted to get married. It is beautiful and if you are ever in Hudson you shoul check it out. We did not get married there because we could not afford it but it would have been awsome if we did. I was playing with the settings on my camera so not all the pics turned out that great. :( Better luck next time I guess. All in all yesterday was great! The kids were happy to see us come home and Matt and I are back on the same page which is a very good place to be!

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Anonymous said...

I have been to Olana!! That second picture- the one of the field-I think I have a picture of myself with fellow classmates in that field! I went there for an art field trip in 12th grade, we toured the house and then sketched the scenery, it is so beautiful there! Great pictures, Lindsay!

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